Dr. Hoang Vu Vo, DMD
Dr. Qui Nguyen, DMD

Dr. Qui Nguyen, DMD

Dr. Qui graduated from BUSDM in 2001. He performed his senior externship at DHMSC with Dr. Doherty as his preceptor, and after receiving his DMD degree in 2001 he became an associate and full-time provider at the DHMSC. In 2001 Dr. Qui joined CMOHS and has increased his involvement steadily since. He presently provides Endodontics once a week to CMOHS patients in need. In 2004 Dr. Qui was awarded the prestigious Ten in Ten Award from the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) for his work with CMOHS and for his Oral Health contributions to children suffering from oral health disparities. He has also twice been awarded the UMASS Medical School Long Forgiveness Program Award, once in 2003 for two years and again in 2006 for two years.

In October of 2013, Dr. Qui joined Dorchester Dental, working along side with Dr. Vo. Together, they helped spread the joy of healthy and beautiful smiles through dedication and professional care.

Dr. Qui is the holder of multiple black belts in several Martial Arts disciplines. His specialty is weapons and he is regularly featured in advanced exhibitions throughout the martial arts world. In his spare time, he is either out and about with his two kids, a girl and a boy, or is practicing with his music band.

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